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MAP is a joint project of the Jamiatul-Ulama South Africa, Islamic Careline and Islamic Medical Association.

Muslim AIDS Programme (MAP) is a registered NPO that’s been providing effective HIV/AIDS services since 1997 and is a partner in the South African Governments struggle against the devastation caused by the pandemic in South Africa.

MAP supports the National Strategic Plan, NSP 2012-2016 and beyond to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and encourage and enable effective services for treatment, care and support for People Living with HIV and AIDS.


MAP continues to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in strengthening the partnership with the National Government and all relevant role players by mobilising communities through HIV/AIDS awareness and education, HIV testing and counseling, ARV adherence programs and Medical male circumcision mobilisation.

MAP promotes the view that continuum of care and support is accessible to infected and affected people in the most poorly resourced areas and high risk and vulnerable population.

MAP promotes youth prevention initiatives, behaviour change interventions and faith based networking in order to effectively impact on targets of the National Strategic Plan.