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MAP has been conducting awareness and development programmes in schools, universities and communities all over the country in order to raise awareness and get people especially the youth, to understand the facts and risks of HIV/AIDS and also to encourage the youth the be smart in the choices they make concerning healthy living.

The development programmes provide a platform for growth, unity, support and development in communities, encouraging self-development and self-sustainability through a variety of different trainings which assist communities to manage their environments effectively and proactively.

MAP is mandated to conduct HCT in the community. All staff are trained to do pre and post test counselling and the finger prick. We approach communities through local clinics and then mobilize the community to encourage them with education and awareness material. This is followed up with the HCT. Tests and results are given in a safe and secure environment followed by referrals to the nearest ART site. Follow up’s are done by MAP field workers to ensure that care and support is accessed.