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The AIDS pandemic has left many families orphaned and thus Map in partnership with the Department of Social Development run a drop-in-centre in Rockville, Soweto. Its vision for OVC is to make a positive contribution towards the upbringing of our future leaders. The OVC project strives to provide a conducive and safe environment where children feel loved and cared for through the provision of support services as well as education, sports and recreational activities.

The project is an ongoing project which currently caters to the needs of 300 children. The OVC Project currently runs from Soweto. At present MAP GP has been sourcing new premises which will be confirmed and finalised in upcoming months. There are 19 volunteers and 10 Care givers as well as office staff which oversee the smooth running of the facility. Daily Psycho-Social support is available for the children and home visits are conducted monthly. The OVC volunteers do door to door assessments and evaluations.


The first MAP Care Centre was established in 2003 and the second in 2015 to meet the needs and provide a living space for people living with AIDS within the Muslim community, a place where they were welcomed and assisted in overcoming day to day obstacles. MAP aims to provide support, acceptance and raise awareness of the rapid growth of the virus.

MAP staff and volunteers provide a verity of holistic service to residence to ensure productivity in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. At present MAP currently runs 2 Care centres for children who are HIV positive. The centres provide a family structure to ensure and maintain stability in these children’s lives. In total there are 11 children in the MAP Care Centre Project. Each care centre is operational by a house mother who over sees the smooth running of the centre under the supervision of Islamic Care line. The care centres depend on in kind donations, either monetary or goods, which meet the basic needs of the homes and ensures able running.