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  • HIV / AIDS Awareness and Development Programmes

MAP has been conducting awareness and development programmes in schools, universities and communities all over the country in order to raise awareness and get people especially the youth, to understand the facts and risks of HIV/AIDS and also to encourage the youth the be smart in the choices they make concerning healthy living. The development programmes provide a platform for growth, unity, support and development in communities, encouraging self-development and self-sustainability through a variety of different trainings which assist communities to manage their environments effectively and proactively.

  • Life Skills

A concerted effort has been made to target the youth. MAP offers dynamic life skills programmes to both primary and high school learners. These programmes cover everyday conflicting issues such as:

  • Self-awareness
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and care
  • Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
  • Social Behaviour changes
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  • Gender Dynamics
  • Gender based violence awareness
  • Sexual reproductive health and care
  • Anger management
  • Parenting
  • Career Motivation

These programmes were developed in order to assist the youth with everyday conflicting issues in order to better equip them in managing and overcoming these issues effectively.

  • FBI Programme

MAP works in partnership with other faith based organizations in the provision of refreshments and counseling to HIV/ AIDS patients that attend the ARV clinic. The project has been rolled out at Rahima Moosa Hospital and Helen Joseph Hospital, and is manned by faith based organizations on a daily rotational roster. The aim of this project is to develop a warm and open relationship with the patients thus paving the way to encourage counseling, adherence to ARV treatment and other issues.

  • HIV Testing and Counselling (HCT)

MAP is mandated to conduct HCT in the community. All staff are trained to do pre and post test counseling and the finger prick. We approach communities through local clinics and then mobilize the community to encourage them with education and awareness material. This is followed up with the HCT. Tests and results are given in a safe and secure environment followed by referrals to the nearest ART site. Follow up’s are done by MAP field workers to ensure that care and support is accessed.

  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Mobilization (VMMC)

Since 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS have recommended voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) as a key component of HIV prevention in countries with a high HIV prevalence and low levels of male circumcision. The Muslim Aids Programme has implemented mobilisation activities for voluntary medical male circumcision as an effective HIV prevention strategy. The male circumcision procedure only partially protects men from HIV transmission.

Therefore it is recommended that VMMC is included as part of a healthy lifestyle which includes HIV testing and counseling; treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs); the promotion of safer sex practices and the distribution of condoms as well as their correct and consistent use.

  • STOP TB campaign

Parallel to HIV awareness MAP has embarked on the STOP TB campaign. We offer TB Screening at our HCT’s which take place in different communities. If a patient displays symptoms of TB they are referred to the local clinic for treatment. TB education and awareness is conducted in schools, universities and communities as part of Personal hygiene, Self Care and Cough education.

  • Care Centre’s

MAP Care Centre was established in 2003 and 2015 to meet the needs and provide a living space for people living with AIDS within the Muslim community, a place where they were welcomed and assisted in overcoming day to day obstacles. MAP aims to provide support, acceptance and raise awareness of the rapid growth of the virus. MAP staff and volunteers provide a verity of holistic service to residence to ensure productivity in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. To date MAP has 2 care centers ( one for girls and one for boys) which run according to Islamic ethos.

  • OVC

The AIDS pandemic has left many families orphaned and thus Map in partnership with the Department of Social Development run a drop-in-centre in Rockville, Soweto. Its vision for OVC is to make a positive contribution towards the upbringing of our future leaders. The OVC project strives to provide a conducive and safe environment where children feel loved and cared for through the provision of support services as well as education, sports and recreational activities.

MAP has developed working relationships with relevant community leaders and HIV/AIDS doctorates both locally and internationally. MAP is also part of the interfaith HIV/AIDS Programme Launched by the Department of Health. MAP is a representative of the Gauteng AIDS Council, Johannesburg AIDS Council and the Local AIDS Council.